Chosen because of the bright viewfinder, weather sealing and giving the extra angle with UW lenses thanks to the FF design.
The Sony 16-35 Zeiss is the main lens used on my trips; loved for the wide angled shots that give a nice overview of the site.
Without a tripod, i would feel like a soldier without his gun.
Markin's M 20 Can't live without one
  Sigma 15 mm Fisheye is mainly used for making pano's and becomes handy for taking close up's.
Sony 50 mm for isolating fine details thanks to the large aperture of 1.4
Sony 24 - 70 Zeiss. Built like an artillery shell, sharp as silk image quality
Not often used, but when it becomes really dark, it prove it uses.
Take care for your security and do not forget to use credibility props.