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Gold Rush

After a few hours in this mine, you couldn't tell the difference anymore between me, my partner in crime or our gear. Oh wait ! There was one little detail that took us apart : My 6 year old battered Sony still worked after our visit, witch you couldn't say from a Nikon d750 who decided to quit entirely.

Squeeze Box

Mines can be claustrophobic, wet, dirty, filled with bad air, water, mud and even be dangerous. This mine was a combination from all of the above.

Radiation Mine

Entrance to this mine was by going down a steel ladder, followed by a series of wooden ladders wich didn't look to scarry to us. After a mile long walk we where greated bij a very, very long 1-piece metal ladder wich led us an half hour long down until we finaly reached the bottom of the shaft. A rock tossed down from the top needed 6 seconds to reach the bottom !

Schiefergrube UWB

This mine started in 1865 and closed down in 1988. The extensive network had a lenght of two kilometers and covered two sols. In addition to the routes there are up to five meters high and elongated mining chambers, a weather/cable/drive shaft, a material shaft with a trigger roller, an explosive chamber and a subterranean locomotive workshop. Today, only a few ruins and huge overcrowded masses are evidence of the day-to-day facilities lying high above the valley.


Feldspar is the most common mineral on Earth, constituting approximately 60% of the crust. Feldspars are used widely in the glass and ceramics industries.

Mine de l'escalier

Braune lager, grüne lager, rote lager, schwarze lager...So much layers, galleries and stairs that we were 4 months bussy

Schiefergrube RUG

Prewar slate mine that continued to work until 2001. 60 people lost there job and the mine has since been abandoned.

Fer L.E.L

From Wikipedia : "Lower explosive limit (LEL): The lowest concentration (percentage) of a gas or a vapor in air capable of producing a flash of fire in presence of an ignition source".

Most of time we have only to deal with low oxygene or high CO values in iron mines. This mine was different, since it contained different galleries wich a mixture of explosive gasses. Luckily there was no harm for an explosion since the oxygen level dropped also very dramaticly while entering such areas.


Fer Barrée

It took more than six months and many nightly visits to collect this amount of pictures. But I only covered maybe 1 % of this beautifull mine.

Quarry 45º

Long slopes of 45 degrees down on loose rock; flooded galleries and dodgy passages were just a few of the tricky obstacles that day.

Fer Lumière

Humming noises, burning lights and pomps that run automatic are usually not the things that you associate with abandonned mines.

Bergwerk Normag

A long time closed rock mine with big gallery's and very old diesel loc's.

Fer de Bruit

Falling rocks, flooded galleries and an incredible noise of running water.

Fer Grisée

A small 20 hour vision of this large mine.

Pritzer Fac

Class dismissed !

Maginot line 7

Just another military lyric buried deep underground

Plage Souterraine

Beautifull mine with very soft and almost pure white sand.

The Dome Satellite

This satellite communication area was build in 1969 and started communication in 1971. After more than 40 years of service the current owner decided to invest more than 3 million in to this location and is planning to build a new satellite communication center to connect several EU countries. Construction should have started already. But still the old satellite is waiting to be demolished.


Very unstable and highly unhealthy gypsum mine. Oxygene levels dropped to 13,8 % during our 18 hour visit.

Fer de L'eau

Almost completely intact iron ore mine with two levels.

Sea of Power

How much coal would you need to run al this ?

Prison 15H

My experience is now that it's much harder to get IN a prison than to get out of one ;-)

Fer Boron

12.000 km off tunnels on different levels, partly flooded; and yes this is no typing mistake ;-)

The Odeon Three

3 cinemas lrft behind in an old theatre just waiting for their fate.

The Victoria Palace

The only performers in here were some pigeons.

Le Chai Du Vin

Warehouse to store wine. No "mise en bouteille au Château" in here ;-)

Cinema Pigeon

25 years have passed after the last curtain has fallen


When it is war you use every available facility to hide your stuff and create factory's. Even if it is a wet disused iron mine.


6 different levels separated 50 meters from each other; water ingress; iron that eats away the oxygen; holes in the floor going several hundred meters down... In short a place where no man wants to stay more than 5 minutes; but I needed 60 hours to only see a small part of this mine.

Le Trou Perdu

A quarry a stone's throw away from Paris without a single tag or graffiti. How much luck can you have ?

City Morgue

The building died together with his last customer


Another building whose purpose is outdated and obsolete

The Lion King

After 13 hours our quest was over but we didn't see it all. This quarry has 3 different levels and corridors up to 15 meter high.

Carrière L'escalier

5 floors of endless corridors to collect chalk

The Wine Quarry

The only thing we found was vinegar and fungi, nothing which was really tasty.

Kraftwerk H

only the controlroom with a personnel bunker was saved from demolition.

Forlasita Laghetto # 1

No need to bring your swimwear to this place. The place is closed until further notice.

Roef Theater

And no I didn't made a spelling mistake ;-)

Labo Herzog

What you see here is a heavy steel lined leaded vault containing some radioactive element.

Theater PP

From theater to moviehouse; it didn't work out so well.

Centrale EKO

Another one bites the dust. Green power seems to be the future.

Water Works

Worn out water treatment plant

Kino Treize

13 cinemas under one roof and still no profit to make.

Heavy Metal

After some battle with the Chinese; nearly 4000 people lost their job.


Not everything that is underground starts below your feet. Sometimes you need to conquer a mountain first.

Powerplant Maybach

Just another abandonned thermique powerplant


Half collapsed lime quarry

The Diesel Farm

Importing expensive diesel to make electricity of it or just import the electricity and close the plant.....

Brown Boveri

They must have been huge fan of this company


Small glimps from the Brussels underground.

The Clouds Factory

I remember myself asking when I was a child from where the clouds in the sky came... Now you know.

The Atomic Bunker

Hidden deep underground to be protected against almost everything we found this facility that has served as a command center for German, French, American, and British forces, to coördinate nuclear response to an expected Warsaw Pact attack. From the 1950s until France’s eviction of NATO in 1967. Subsequently, until its final closure in the 1990s, this gigantic bunker system was used by one of the major French army groups as its operational headquarters and command facility, housing up to 500 people.

Maginot line 6

Not all went well this time since large parts where almost completely flooded.

High Voltage

A dying powerplant; struggling for his last spark

The Prayer's Cave

Much prayers are needed in this very unstable quarry. Many pillars and walls where broken by the immense pressure of the ground above it.

The War Factory

A WW2 factory with 3 floors under a manhole cover in a busy city.

Ice Age

This report is dedicated to the memory of Cédric, R.I.P. Cdk

Carrière Citroën

Someone must have forgotten where he parked his car.

Carrière Fox

After years of harvesting lime and mushrooms they all left and never looked back.

Quarry Kaboem

When things don't make the progress you want use some TNT and get the following result :

La carrière vide

Apparently, the plumb rule wasn't even invented during construction.

Crane therapy

Not from my hotel room

Cable works

Miles and miles of electric cables, communication networks, fiberglass and leaking gaspipes mixed with some odor of sewer.

Music Hall

At least there was electricity

Father Ray

Abandonned ? Don't think so. The catholic era is just over and nobody wants to live like this anymore.

Kino Black

To much hospital's; to much cinema's; to much anything here in Belgium

La carrière oubliée

40 meters below groundlevel...


What do you do when someone left the door open ? We searched the hole place just to tell him. Sadly we couldn't find him ;)

Filature Dollhouse

No machines have been harmed; or stagging has taken place. So no doll's in here.

Syrian Embassy

Not sure why they left here. This place would suits my needs.


More then 100.000 corpses where turned into ashes in less than a century

Cinema Globe

Nothing sheduled in the near future


The monument was officially opened in 1981 as soviet propaganda of the USSR's supremacy over evil capitalism and technology.

Powerhouse Elia

Sometimes a place looks so atractive; abandoned or not, you just want to see it.

Maginot Line 2

More than 1,200 metres of underground galleries connect the entries to the farthest bunker, at an average depth of 30 metres

Bureau Central

Used to be offices of some nearby industrial site belonging to one of the richest family's in France.

Ghost ships

A whole fleet silently rusting away. The only sounds you hear onboard is the continuous cry of seagulls and the sound of crumpling steel that falls down when you climb the stairs.

Château du F

Large and impressive from the outside; almost like Versailles. But the inside shows only a small glimps from how it was in the past.

Theatre A

After the last show it was used as a storage place. Now waiting for a new performance.

Bel Air

Quarry dating back from 1780. The arches are build by Italian laborer.

PC Reboul

Old Command post of Lieutenant Colonel Reboul from WW1

Air-raid Shelter

Build during the Second WW 30 meter below groundlevel. Build to "accomodate" 8000 people.

Red Sands Project

The Maunsell Sea Forts were small fortified towers built in the Thames and Mersey estuaries during the Second World War to help defend the United Kingdom.  The forts were decommissioned in the late 1950s and later used for other activities. 

Powerplant L

Coalfired powerplants becomes obsolete since carbon tax is a hype.

Villa Sbertoli

Part of an old sanatorium. From the looks of it already a long time ago since someone was threathed.

Quarry 78

Hidden in a mountain there are nummerous paintings and pieces of art just waiting until a lonely traveller passes by and reveals their beauty under the light of a burning Coleman. Only temperary are they lit untill you pass by and leave them again in the dark, waiting and waiting.

The little Cathedral


Quarry C

Who needs a guide in such a place... I wouldn't mind to get lost here, but unfortually I didn't. (Who says that I can't read a map)

Syncronisation Studio

Analog time has come to an end

Piscine Dramatique

A swimmingpool combined with a cinema. It didn't work in th end.

Powerplant Mickey

A little powerplant cramped with tubes and valves

Monastery Annabel

Small convict with a nice chapel

M & D Academy

Some very empty art school

Carrière De Coolen

A small, but beautifull limestone quarry. Not everything went very well with the lightning since I had to do al the running by myself without being cought by the camera ;)

Maison Heinen

A old farmhouse...Nobody left for taking care of

Coal plant

If you find Beringen a dangerous place; then this must be hell. The stairs are present but are of no use at all.

TBM Schanulleke

Drilling a traintunnel 30 meter below sealevel, 8 meter in diameter and under a river; for sure a job for the Germans.

Château Amon-Re

Sometimes you think that it will be very boring until you actually have a look.

Morgue H

Forgotten under the protecting cover of a nearby church

Morgue S

Closed morgue since it was to far away from the main hospital

A Sugar Plant

This plant looked like it was abandoned a very long time ago; but nothing seemed like it was. Although there was electricity; the place was covered in black darkness covering dangerous holes and slippery floors.

The Spinning Mill

Taking pictures in the dark is always a time consuming business; and this was no difference on this location until we finally worked out where the light switches where.

Castello di Cinderella

A real maze inside

Manor Amelie

Into the same family since 1800

Il Scuneo

Black power

I Piccioni Chiesa

Only the pigeons are visiting this place on a regular base

Powerplant Ω

It looks like a museum but it was a real factory a long time ago

WW2 Bunker

Intented to be used as an hospital but it ended as a "Testanlage" for missiles

Château Clochard

The owners liked very much classic music


For making electricity; or just the juice for the factory ?


Build for the era of the communist party


Now you know from where these delicious cookies came in the good old times.


A semi-abandoned theme park where people still come to have a drink and have some fun although most of the attractions are closed or in disrepair.

Cinema Diana

In a bussy town lays this forgotten cinema. The movie ended and no more light touched the screen since years.

The Coronet

A dark and very unfriendly enviroment for your health. While entering this place (during the night) we heard gunshots and a horn of a car that started to blow constantly.

London subway

Only a small glimpse of the underground. Way to bussy to venture in an unknown adventure

August 2010 The Fairytale Castle

There are no words for this..........

August 2010 747 - 200 Jumbojet

A 747 Jumbojet just sitting there on the tarmack of a bussy airport and hoping to ever fly again

July 2010 Hôpital RS

A real sucker to get in and even more to get out again

July 2010 Maginot Line

More than 1,200 metres of underground galleries connect the entries to the farthest bunker, at an average depth of 30 metres